Orizeo Lighting Balloon (Tripod)

LED Lighting Balloon 200 watts - 58.8 dB with Tripod

The pack includes:
- 1 Lighting Head with 70 cm balloon
- 1 Tripod maximum high 2,30 m + its bag
- 1 Power Supply 220V - 32V
- 1 Electric pump inflate/deflate
- 1 storage and transport bag
- 3 Stability sticks 200 mm
- 4 Black attached Cable with buckle
- 1 Black safety cord with quick lock
- 1 Repair Kit (25mm patches)

- +

Add a little style to your outdoor spaces with Orizeo, our functional and decorative light balloon. Enjoy long, festive summer evenings in a glowing garden ambience, add a contemporary touch to your outdoor space or make a statement with your patio.


It’s affordable
A professional quality unit, adapted for home use
Lights up a space up to 400 m2
Powerful led lighting: 200w
Weather resistant
Highly resistant to wind

Electrical and heat protection
Can be used in different occasions
Easy to use, easy to set up and take down
Collapses for ease of storage
Easy to transport
Led technology
Regular, even lighting over a large space

Before / After

Orizeo Avant / Après



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