1/ The balloon deflates:

- Check that the valve cap is on tightly.
- If the envelope has accidentally been pierced, use the repair kit to stop the leak.

2/ The balloon does not light up:

- Check that the electrical transformer is properly plugged in at both ends.

3/ What is the maximum height?

- The lighting balloon and can reach a maximum height of 3 metres.
- The height of the stand can be adjusted from between 1.50 m to 2.30 metres.

4/ What are the bags used for?

2 bags are supplied for the storage and transportation of the lighting balloon.
- The longest bag is designed to hold the stand.
- The shortest bag can hold part of the lighting balloon (the largest side) and the inflator plus the electrical transformer (the smallest side).

5/ I've torn the balloon’s envelope. What should I do?

If you are unable to repair it using the repair kit supplied.
You'll need to replace this envelope. You can purchase one on our website or from your usual distributor.

6/ It's a windy day. Can I use my lighting balloon outside?

- The lighting balloon must not be used in windy weather.
- In moderately windy conditions, you are advised to weight down the balloon’s stand using a bag weighing approximately 5 kilos.

7/ Once inflated, can I move my lighting balloon around?

Yes. Please ensure that before you do so you unplug the electrical transformer and ensure that the balloon’s base is firmly attached to the stand.

8/ I need to use my lighting balloon during the winter. Is this possible?

Yes, the lighting balloon can be used down to a minimum temperature of -10°C or 50°F.

9/ For some time now, my lighting balloon seems less bright.

Il est possible que l’un des quatre éléments lumineux à l’intérieur ne fonctionnent plus.
One of the four lighting elements inside the balloon may possibly no longer be working.
This element can be replaced with a new one. To do so, you should return the lighting balloon to your distributor. In all cases, the lighting balloon will still work even with the remaining three elements.

10/ When I move my lighting balloon after having used it for approximately 2 hours, it doesn't work again right away when I plug it back in.

This is completely normal. The transformer is fitted with a safety system. You'll need to wait for approximately 3 to 4 minutes before plugging it back into the electrical power supply.