Instructions of use:

1 - Place the stand on a hard surface to ensure maximum stability for the mast, which must be vertical.

2 - Position and block the balloon at the top of the mast using the knurled bolt on the base of the balloon.

3 - Place the 3 transparent retaining rods in the slanted holes on the edge of the base.

4 - Adjust the mast to the desired height, not forgetting the safety pin.

5 - Fit the end piece adapted to the valve on the inflator’s radial outlet.

6 - Unscrew the cap on the plastic valve situated under the balloon’s base then inflate the balloon until the envelope touches the 3 transparent retaining rods. (Inflating the balloon takes approximately 1 minute).

7 - Hang the safety cable’s loop on the stand’s locking screw and suspend the other end using the power supply hook.

8 - Plug the electrical power supply into the mains then attach the black and yellow connectors and tighten a ¼ of a turn to light up the balloon.

9 - Secure the electrical cable along the mast using the 4 Velcro strips provided.