Article 1
In the event of any dispute, it is hereby stipulated and agreed between the parties that only the Tribunal de Commerce (commercial court) of Bergerac will be considered as having jurisdiction for the matter.

Article 2
Any order for products or services implies full, unreserved acceptance by the client of these general terms of sale, which take precedence over any document issued by the purchaser, including his own general purchasing conditions. Unless an express and formal waiver is agreed, any document published by INVENTYS, other than these general terms of sale, is provided purely as a guide, for information purposes only.

Article 3
Our company has the option to cancel or suspend all or part of the said order at any time, due to acts of God or force majeure circumstances preventing it from fulfilling the contract. The following among others will be considered as such : industrial disputes, poor weather, a lack of transport, energy or supplies. Our company agrees to inform the client as soon as possible of the suspension or cancellation of the contract after the occurrence of the event, and this may under no circumstances result in the payment of any damages or compensation. Cancellation of the order:
a - If it proves impossible to fulfil the order for technical reasons, the Company INVENTYS reserves the right to cancel the order without compensation.
b - The cancellation of the order by the client will result in the payment of compensation equivalent to 20% of the initial order price, except in force majeure circumstances. If one or several parts of the installation have been manufactured specially, the value of these elements will be payable in addition to the 20% mentioned above.

Unless specially agreed otherwise and confirmed in the order between the purchaser and INVENTYS, payment is made at 30 days from the invoice date.

Article 5 - NON-PAYMENT
It is expressly agreed that unless a deferral is requested in due time and granted by INVENTYS, if our goods and services are not paid for at the set payment due date, if the bill of exchange and promissory note are not returned or if the authority for payment is not sent in the legal or agreed deadlines, this will result in the implementation of the following, without notice:
- The payment of interest equivalent to 1.5 times the official interest rate in force at the time, payable immediately upon request from our company.
- All other sums due becoming payable immediately, regardless of the original payment methods or terms.
- The payment of compensation equivalent to 15% of the sum claimed, in addition to the statutory interest and any possible legal costs.
- The suspension of all services by our company. The client is considered blameworthy for this suspension and will therefore assume all consequences. The sale may be terminated as of right, 48 hours after the receipt of formal notice to comply sent by registered letter, this remaining unheeded, in the event that a payment is not received at the payment due date.

If the performance deadline is not met, this may not automatically result in the cancellation of the order. The client must issue a new deadline by registered letter, in as far as this is reasonably practicable and subject to any special conditions which may apply to the cancellation.

Article 7 – WARRANTY
As from invoicing date, the installations are guaranteed for one year with maintenance, parts, labour and travel, subject to normal conditions of use and on condition that:
a - Any modifications to the installation or any work carried out on it have/has only been performed by the company INVENTYS.
b - Any abnormal use or any use which is non-compliant with the instructions and recommendations supplied by INVENTYS, any transformation or modification of any form of the material or installation sold, or any repairs or work of any form carried out by a person other than a member of INVENTYS’ after sales service department will result in the termination of the warranty. Similarly, the warranty will not apply when the problem in question results from force majeure circumstances, from causes unrelated to the equipment and more particularly those related to the electrical environment or normal wear and tear.

The product delivered by INVENTYS only becomes the purchaser’s property when the latter has paid the full asking price in accordance with the applicable legislation. In the event of non-payment, INVENTYS may recover the delivered products. The client must therefore not dispose of them in any manner without INVENTYS’ prior consent. Despite this, the purchaser assumes all risks for the loss or deterioration of this material as from its delivery, in addition to the liability for any losses it may generate. In the event of bankruptcy, cessation of payment, insolvency or receivership proceedings or compulsory liquidation, the client must immediately inform INVENTYS of this in order that an inventory may be drawn up and that the retention of title clause may be applied. In this case, the client agrees that he will not sell the material without the prior written consent of our company, who may demand that the sub-purchasers pay any sums for the material sold which have not been settled by the client by the payment due date. More generally, INVENTYS is subrogated to the purchaser’s rights vis-à-vis sub-purchasers and third parties, with the purchaser moreover agreeing to provide our company with his full assistance and support in availing itself of its rights. Our warranty, even if still valid, will only apply after payment in full for the items or the work.

Legal Notice

Name or legal name: SAS INVENTYS
Head Office or Client Address: 270, chemin du Bord de Labour - 24140 CAMPSEGRET
Phone number: +33 6 14 41 13 11
RCS number: 821 816 071 RCS BERGERAC
Capital: 100,000 €

270, chemin du Bord de Labour - 24140 CAMPSEGRET